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EV charging installation

Tired of trying to find a public EV charging station that’s actually available, not too far from home or work, or one that doesn’t cost a fortune? Why not opt for a home installation? Get in touch with Sam Batho Electrical Ltd in Stockport to discuss your options.

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There are many options when it comes to home chargers, it depends on your predicted usage, your budget, your space and your preferences. The team at Sam Batho Electrical Ltd are approved installers, experienced and trusted to give you the right advice and recommendations. In order for a home charger to work to your advantage you need to be able to park your car close to where it will be fitted. All chargers are weatherproof, so are usually installed on an outside wall.

Go green with our help – let us install your EV charger so you can benefit from ease of use, cheaper charging and even an increase in property value. Get in touch today to discuss your options.

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Charge your electric vehicle at home


A good investment to help you save time and money

Home charging is often cheaper than public charging stations and of course it is much more convenient and usually quicker to charge your vehicle. Of course, there is the initial cost of the installation, but most people quickly reap the benefit of their investment. If you live in an area where there are not many charging stations or they’re often full, then this could be the idea solution for you.

Ready to be more in control of your EV charging? Get in touch today to book your EV charging installation.

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Wanting to charge your car at home? Get in touch with Sam Batho Electrical Ltd in Stockport for EV charging installations. Call 07596 856649 or use the form below to send an email.

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